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Date: Wed Dec 20 2006 - 02:01:18 EST

It's Kitzmaz all over again :-)

It's not a very good year for ID proponents. First Kitzmiller and the
incessant whining about how irrelevant the ruling really was, and then
the elections and now Cobb County settling the lawsuit.
One may wonder how (ir)relevant the ruling really was.
The noise from ID suggests that they realize it is far more relevant
than they want to openly admit.

-------Begin Quote---------
Americans United for Separation of Church and State today lauded a
Georgia public school board's decision to drop its defense of
anti-evolution disclaimers for science textbooks.

The Cobb County School Board has agreed to settle the long-running
legal fracas over its 2002 decision to place anti-evolution stickers
in high school biology textbooks.

In an agreement announced today, Cobb County school officials state
that they will not order the placement of "any stickers, labels,
stamps, inscriptions, or other warnings or disclaimers bearing
language substantially similar to that used on the sticker that is the
subject of this action." School officials also agreed not to take
other actions that would undermine the teaching of evolution in
biology classes.

-----------End Quote--------

See also http://www.ncseweb.org/resources/news/2006/GA/272_selman_v_cobb_county_settled_12_19_2006.asp

And the Cobb County School District

----------Press Release----------
The Cobb County Board of Education has reached an agreement with
plaintiffs to end a lawsuit over stickers addressing evolution that
were placed in science textbooks. After more than four years the
agreement brings to conclusion the legal action taken against the
school district by Cobb citizen Jeffrey Selman in 2002.

In January 2005, Judge Clarence Cooper ruled the stickers
unconstitutional and ordered them removed from the science textbooks.
The stickers were removed later that summer. Earlier this year, a
federal appeals court vacated Judge Cooper's decision and remanded the
case to the lower court.

"We are very pleased to reach this agreement and end the lawsuit,"
said Cobb County Board of Education Chair Dr. Teresa Plenge. "After
the 11th Circuit Court vacated the decision, we faced the distraction
and expense of starting all over with more legal actions and another
trial. With this agreement, it is done, and we now have a clean slate
going into the New Year."

Under the agreement, the District will not attempt to place the same,
or similar, stickers in textbooks again. In return, plaintiffs have
agreed to end all legal action against the school district. In a
separate agreement, the District has agreed to pay $166,659, which
represents a portion of the plaintiff's legal fees.

"Appealing the lower court ruling was the right decision by the school
board because that ruling was incorrect," said Dr. Plenge. "The Board
maintains that the stickers were constitutional, but, at the same
time, the Board clearly sees the need to put this divisive issue
behind us. There will be no stickers in textbooks, and, as always, we
will continue to provide Cobb County students a curriculum that
follows national and state standards in teaching science and the
theory of evolution."
And the legal agreement

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