Re: [asa] [off topic] Exposed e-mail addresses in web archives

From: Iain Strachan <>
Date: Mon Dec 18 2006 - 06:50:37 EST

Hi, Anthony,

The impression I get is that the ASA archive is not scanned by spammers for
potential targets. It is more usual for newsgroups and so forth to get
spam. I started getting spam after unwisely leaving my address on a public
forum at, which resulted in spam after just a few days.
However, before that I'd been posting to ASA for quite a while and had no
problems at all.

Hope this is of some reassurance.


On 12/18/06, Anthony Perez-Miller <> wrote:
> It's probably bad form for the newbie to bring up tech questions, but:
> The list archives at (and presumably at
> the ASA site; I haven't checked) display e-mail addresses in plain text
> (take a look at the html source code). Is there any way to fix this so that
> we don't become spam magnets? Too late for the rest of you, probably, but
> I'd like to keep my heretofore pristine inbox in that condition...
> thanks,
> --Anthony

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