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Date: Sun Dec 17 2006 - 19:12:51 EST

One should not confuse political cowardness with Kyoto's treaty or the
science of global warming.

It's ironic how the US is perfectly willing to have other countries
give up their national sovereignty (Iran, North Korea etc) and yet is
unwilling to apply its own rules to the US of A.
Asfar as Lomborg is concerned, he refers to himself as "The Skeptical
Environmentalist" it seems. Many climatologists appear to disagree
with him, for instance on a biologist
catalogues a variety of problems. On the idea that Lomborg is either
skeptical or an environmentalist is rejected.

On 12/17/06, Anthony Perez-Miller <> wrote:
> As might be expected, the generalizations in the scienceblogs quote
> are a wee bit too general. First, the greening of the "Christian
> Right" is well underway, if that term is taken to encompass
> conservative Evangelicals as well as Fundamentalists (and granting
> that the latter will likely remain unswayed by environmental debate).
> And -- as is the case with most conspiracy theories -- there is an
> element of truth to the paranoia. Consider the Kyoto Protocol, which
> even if fully implemented would do little to slow climate change.
> (Note that I'm taking Lomborg as an authority on that point, who
> despite his unpopularity in certain circles is not a climate change
> skeptic.) Kyoto's biggest effect seems rather to be an engine of
> massive wealth transfer from the industrialized West to less developed
> regions (and to industrially devolving nations such as Russia). In
> some cases even those countries which expected to benefit have come to
> rue signing on; just ask New Zealand how it's working out.
> It doesn't take an alarmist to appreciate that treaties such as Kyoto
> -do- lead to an erosion of national sovereignty, in the sense of
> limiting states' freedom to act. One world government? No. But it
> isn't just climate skeptics that find the Protocol dubious.
> Perhaps that's why the Clinton-era Senate rejected it 99-0.

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