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Date: Sun Dec 17 2006 - 17:54:05 EST

This sounds like some Brit taking the mick out of right wing Americans! If
it has any truth to it then you have a real problem. Give me the President
of Iran!!

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> Is this why Janice is so concerned?
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> You may not be surprised to learn that, in the Right world, global
> warming does not exist. Nay-sayers have been making this claim since
> scientists first began sounding the alarm about climate change, and no
> amount of scientific evidence produced in the interim has had any
> effect on this conclusion. Some may be a little surprised, however, to
> learn just what it is that the Christian Right says its global warming
> adversaries are up to and why Americans should reject their claims. A
> member of Congress, James Inhofe (R-OK), was on hand at the Summit to
> instruct the hundreds of activists present, and the no doubt larger
> audience reached by other media, that global warming is a nefarious
> creation of the United Nations.
> Why did the UN cook up the idea of global warming? To "shut down
> the machine called America." In fact, we learned, global warming is a
> plot to destroy the US economy and to initiate one-world government--a
> goal not only of the UN but of the American political left more
> broadly. Establishing his Christian credentials, Inhofe invoked Romans
> 1:25 (For they exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and
> served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever)
> to suggest that taking steps to ameliorate global warming would
> constitute a form of idol worship. And he urged conferees to spread
> the word about the plot in their churches and in organizations of
> which they are members.
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> From
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> It looks as though Inhofe went rifling through the scientific
> literature to find someone criticizing Michael Mann without even
> bothering to understand the context of that criticism.
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