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> The criteria for publication of scientific papers (Articles and
> Letters) in Nature are that they:
> * report original scientific research (the main results and
> conclusions must not have been published or submitted elsewhere)
> * are of outstanding scientific importance
> * reach a conclusion of interest to an interdisciplinary readership.

What I had in mind was the scenario in which a researcher wants to report on
ongoing research. He submits a paper which contains enough original research to
be accepted. Then down the road he has more results in the same project, again
he deems the new results publishable and a journal's review process agrees.
Especially if the work is new, the subsequent papers may rehash quite a bit of
the earlier work.
> I recall during the '80s a series of papers published by Paul Penfield
> calculating the delay of RC trees. I was involved with this in my work
> so I did detailed study of all of these papers and they were dead
> identical. He basically got the same paper in the Second Caltech VLSI
> Conference, IEEE Procedings on CAD, and the 18th Design Automation
> Conference. It was a running joke at work as this was considered very
> bad form.
Yeah, when I was at Purdue in the late 60's a graduate student and professor I
knew published the same paper multiple times, with different examples each
time. There may be some justification in doing that with a new technique, but
these guys were held up as an example not to be copied.

> From all I can tell whether the science was hard, soft, or applied
> publishing the same paper in multiple venues is frowned upon. In the
> case of the Penfield paper(s) it was groundbreaking work (cited 348
> times in Google Scholar) and even there it raised eyebrows.
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