[asa] update on CMI/AIG split

From: Duff,Robert Joel <rjduff@uakron.edu>
Date: Fri Dec 15 2006 - 13:35:37 EST

Creation Ministries International has recently updated their web page
about the AIG split and include a very detailed (despite the title:
"brief chronology of events") that is a truly revealing look behind the
scenes and should shed some light on recent speculation about the
underlying reasons behind the split. Interestingly, it appears the root
cause of the division which began almost 2 years ago now is was the
suggestion that AIG-USA should disperse power among more individuals
rather than placing all decision making into the hands of Ham. The end
result of the split is that Ham clearly has gained an even greater hold
on power and is virtually autonomous in all decisions at this point. I
fear that AIG, which is the most influential creationist's organizations
will only become more extreme in its beliefs and tactics going forward.
It will be interesting to see if some of big names that have supported
his "ministry" will remain as loyal or if this will cause some
re-evaluation of support in the future. It is clear that AIG/Ham are
doing everything they can to keep the events of the past year out of the
limelight and are acting as if nothing has happened. They are now
shipping their new magazine to all subscribers of Creation Mag calling
it a upgrade when really it a replacement for a journal that is still
being produced and for which subscribers rightly should be continuing to


The chronology of events really is a must read to gain some insight into
how these operations work. I expect that if enough this raises enough
public awareness that we may see a response from AIG with a
corresponding chronology.



All documents http://www.creationontheweb.com/content/view/4769/





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