Re: Fwd: [asa] The Swift-Boating of Judge Jones

From: Bill Hamilton <>
Date: Fri Dec 15 2006 - 09:34:43 EST

--- PvM <> wrote:

> Interesting, in science most of these practices seem to be frowned
> upon. Perhaps biology and other 'hard' sciences have different views
> on this.

My experience is primarily with the engineering literature, although more
recently I've had occasion to read some of the literature on Darwin's finches.
Of course, publishing the exact same paper in two or more places is frowned
upon in engineering. However, you will frequently see quite similar papers,
the differences being the examples, or sometimes improved analysis. The author
publishes, then new results seem wirth reporting, or he improves his theory.
The result is a paper that is very similar to the original, but (hopefully)
contains enough new information to be worth making available to the research

> But the issues is ironic for several reasons
> 1. ID complaints about plagiarism when it comes to Judge Jones but
> seems to be quite happy with similar practices from its own members.
> 2. ID is using these practices to quote similar 'papers' as
> independent ones and thus add to the minimal count of ID relevant
> papers.
> 3. In science, publishing the same work in more than one arena is
> frowned upon, especially if the paper does not improve over time,
> despite significant criticsms.

Ditto engineering. So if Meyer was just wholesale copying earlier papers with
nothing new added, I would agree that he seems to be just trying to goose up
the count of ID papers out there.

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