Re: [asa] natural laws and God

From: Gregory Arago <>
Date: Mon Dec 11 2006 - 18:50:19 EST

Arago admits to switching the word 'natural' for 'nature.' Would Ted
then consider the words 'society,' 'culture' or 'politics' in
addition to the word 'nature' (which does not occur in the Hebrew
Bible)? Philosophy of natural science (HP[N]S) seems to leave
'society,' 'culture' and 'politics' untried, though Christians
believe (the) Creation occurs in those areas just as much as in
'nature,' don't they?


   p.s. 'natural' is used in the title od the

Ted Davis <> wrote:
>>> Gregory Arago 12/10/06 2:48 PM >>>writes:
Ted writes:
"we cannot always be sure that 'nature' (what we somewhat
idolatrously call the creation) will do what we think it "must" do,
since God is not bound by those constructions of our minds that we
call 'laws,' which are actually descriptions of God's ordinary

Just wondering if Ted would consider using the words 'social' or
'cultural' or 'political' in addition to the word 'natural.' This
might open
doors that philosophy of 'natural science' (HPS) simply leaves untried.
(The) 'Creation' occurs in those areas just as much as in 'nature,'
doesn't it?

Ted admits to being puzzled: I cannot find the word "Natural" in this
particular excerpt of my post. As for "Nature," the Hebrew Bible (as
Boyle pointed out) has no such word.


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