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Some additional information about the Annan appointment of Steiner

--------Begin Quote------
Acting on the nomination of Secretary-General Kofi Annan, the UN
General Assembly unanimously elected Achim Steiner as the Executive
Director of UNEP on 16 March 2006 for a four-year term, effective 15
June 2006. Mr. Steiner becomes the fifth Executive Director in UNEP's
------End Quote------

Janice seems to suggest that it was Annan who appointed Steiner, when
in fact the nomination was approved unanimously by the General


In addition, the 500,000 prize which was awarded to Annan was given to charity.

------Begin quote----
In a wide-ranging interview at the U.N.'s New York headquarters in
February, shortly after Annan accepted the Zayed prize, Malloch Brown,
then U.N. chief of staff, suggested to me that the $500,000 that came
with the honor was no more than Annan's due. Malloch Brown stipulated
that Annan was in any event planning to use the funds for charitable
purposes. Until this year, said Malloch Brown, Annan had turned over
all prize money, including his Nobel purse, directly to the U.N
----end quote----


But in the end, this has nothing to do with the quality of the work
done by the ICPP Group.


In the last three years we have improved the models contradicting both
the alarmists and skeptics. The prediction of 1.5-4 degrees C climate
sensitivity has held up quite well, proving that the 2001 IPCC report
was not beholden to the alarmists. ~ Rich B.

@ This is an improvement??: Cow 'emissions' more damaging to planet
than CO2 from cars
----------end quote----

Total non sequitur... And both are man caused...

------Begin quote----
One third of the world's methane emissions come from cows. That's
staggering. The article - based on a 400 page United Nations report
documents not only the - um - shall we say 'direct emissions' from the
cattle, but also the effects of fuel burnt to produce fertilizer, grow
feed and produce and transport meat, changes in land use involving
grazing land - including desertification of range land from
overgrazing, and the damage done by wastes from feedlots and
fertilizer run-off

-----End quote------

And apples and oranges as well it seems. Cars, Cows, and other
emissions all add up to the global warming.

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