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I recycle stuff I've written before. I have John Polkinghorne as a guide for
this practice.


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> Basically I agree with David Opderbeck: It's not plagiarism when a judge
> decides to use the proposed findings of one party to the case. What
> appalls me
> is the reaction in some quarters, typified by the WND headline, "Judge
> copied
> ACLU brief..."
> OTOH, I note the same misunderstanding in the PT article that was linked
> to.
> They accuse Steve Meyer of plagiarizing himself. Wesley Elsberry (who is
> an
> academic and should know better) put together a perl script that compared
> the
> text in two of Meyer's papers and found up to 33% agreement, depending on
> the
> string length used for comparison. So what? When an academic thinks he has
> something publishable he submits several papers to different journals and
> conferences, and the likelihood is high that they will share quite a bit
> of
> text. The mere fact that Meyer used material from an earlier paper doesn't
> prove anything -- except that he wants to get his point across by
> publishing it
> in as many forums as possible.
> BTW I agree with Janice's rejection of Judge Jones' view of the founders
> rationale for the establishment clause. While they were not necessarily
> all
> Christians, they did tend to think in Christian categories, and I doubt
> most of
> thyem thought that true religion was arrived at by contemplating one's
> navel.
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