Re: Fwd: [asa] The Swift-Boating of Judge Jones

From: Bill Hamilton <>
Date: Thu Dec 14 2006 - 16:33:45 EST

Basically I agree with David Opderbeck: It's not plagiarism when a judge
decides to use the proposed findings of one party to the case. What appalls me
is the reaction in some quarters, typified by the WND headline, "Judge copied
ACLU brief..."

OTOH, I note the same misunderstanding in the PT article that was linked to.
They accuse Steve Meyer of plagiarizing himself. Wesley Elsberry (who is an
academic and should know better) put together a perl script that compared the
text in two of Meyer's papers and found up to 33% agreement, depending on the
string length used for comparison. So what? When an academic thinks he has
something publishable he submits several papers to different journals and
conferences, and the likelihood is high that they will share quite a bit of
text. The mere fact that Meyer used material from an earlier paper doesn't
prove anything -- except that he wants to get his point across by publishing it
in as many forums as possible.

BTW I agree with Janice's rejection of Judge Jones' view of the founders
rationale for the establishment clause. While they were not necessarily all
Christians, they did tend to think in Christian categories, and I doubt most of
thyem thought that true religion was arrived at by contemplating one's navel.

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