Re: [asa] The Swift-Boating of Judge Jones

From: PvM <>
Date: Thu Dec 14 2006 - 11:19:02 EST

David Opderbeck already dealt with the 'plagiarism' claim which is
just plain foolish from a legal perspective, although from a PR
perspective this approach seems to convince various people of the
follies of Judge Jones. Why is the DI so intent on destroying the
reputation of a Christian and a Judge? Because it is hard to argue
against the findings?...

As far as the DI advising against the lawsuit. It's the DI's
equivocating position on 'teach the controversy' which attracts many
people who correctly interpret this to mean 'restore the Christian

Such equivocating causes much embarassment and damage, both to science
as well as religion.Dover is but one example, there is now a lawsuit
in Russia which claims that teaching evolution is against someone's
religious beliefs and the schools need to remove it.


On 12/14/06, James Mahaffy <> wrote:

> You may be right on 3 - but this much coping may be frowned on.
> I know the court system allows judges to use briefs from either side,
> but this much plagiarism would get a student kicked out of Dordt. At
> least it may mean that it was more the good argument of the ACLU and
> not the brilliant interpretation of the judge.
> Pim said
> So it seems that the DI is just annoyed how they messed up the
> Kitzmiller situation. Interestingly enough, the court record contains
> how amateurish the DI was in filing their amicus brief
> to which I said
> Maybe, but it may just show how irritated some people were. I believe
> that
> ID urged the school board not to make this a legal case. There are some
> people
> that appear to know the law in that camp. There are better and there are
> worse
> cases on which to try and establish a legal precedent.
> Snip all the kdv transcripts.
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