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This is from Fred Heeren in his latest Day Star Report. It's nice to see somebody besides me say this:

"Now, our sin problem is a real problem whether or not all humans descended from a single individual named Adam. And the fact is, if the story of Adam is in any way historical, and if, as seems likely by the description of agriculture and cities in the next generation, this puts Adam in a time period no earlier than about 10,000 years ago (and probably more like 6,000 years ago), then all people today cannot possibly be related to this particular man. People from East Asia, Australia, and Africa have been separated from much longer ago than that. (And by the way, putting Adam at 40,000 years ago does not put him early enough to solve the problem, either.)

Two Ways to Keep Adam and Science Intact

There are at least two ways by which it’s still possible for Adam to have been an historical individual, and for Paul to use him to represent all of us. The first is if we see Adam as our moral representative, not merely as our biological representative—just as Jesus represents all believers spiritually, not biologically. Jesus makes believers righteous, not because we are his biological descendents, but because we are his spiritual heirs. So we could argue that Paul’s analogy is more accurate, not less accurate, when we have this understanding of the spiritual rather than the biological context of the analogy.

This is, at least, one way to have an historical Adam representing the entire human race 6,000 years ago.

There’s another way of understanding how we do not have to descend physically from Adam and still keep our understanding of original sin. And this also solves another problem. Most people see the physical transmission of sin that results in our wayward predisposition as a pretty important component of the doctrine of original sin. So can a person retain belief in the classic idea of a physical transmission of sin by natural generation and at the same time retain an understanding that all humans do not descend from a single couple that lived six to ten thousand years ago? The answer is yes, but many people aren’t going to like the solution.

The solution is an evolved creation. The solution is that we are all related to earlier forms of life that, by the system God set up, were in selfish competition with one another, and we have all inherited this predisposition to be selfish from a time that goes back even before the earliest humans. This means that Adam truly represents all of us. His story may well be historical, but either way it’s the story of man, which is the meaning of Adam. And his actions represent the disobedient choices each of us make."

Okay, you heard it from somebody other than me.

~Dick Fischer

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