Re: [asa] natural laws and God

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Mon Dec 11 2006 - 19:18:36 EST

Well, my comments were about something quite different--how best to
understand "natural laws" and/or "nature"/"supernature"--and I would agree
that various conceptions of those terms can have social dimensions. Is that
what you mean? If not, I am not understanding you very well.


>>> Gregory Arago <> 12/11/06 6:50 PM >>>
Arago admits to switching the word 'natural' for 'nature.' Would Ted then
consider the words 'society,' 'culture' or 'politixs' in addition to the
word 'nature' (which does not occur in the Hebrew Bible)? Philosophy of
natural science (HP[N]S) seems to leave 'society,' 'culture' and 'politixs'
untried, though Christians believe (the) Creation occurs in those areas just
as much as in 'nature,' don't they?

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