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Date: Mon Dec 11 2006 - 06:14:37 EST

> @ I have to believe that you're more widely read on this subject than
> you're fallacious statement would indicate. If not, I'll be glad to provide you
> with copies of other "alternative suggestions" that have been published.
> >> For example, SETI. Why stop it? If you are so confident they'll never
>> find anything, let them look. Let them come to a conclusion based on the
>> evidence. As an aside, this is probably an area where serious ID research could
>> even offer a valuable contribution: identifying signals generated from an
>> extraterrestrial intelligent agent.
> @ Who wants to stop it? It's privately financed - mainly by the types of
> people who are regular listeners to the Art Bell radio show. It's none of my
> business how individuals want to spend their own hard-earned dollars.

Neither is it mine. But you equivocate.

> >> What about evolution? The notion is always, "stamp it out!". Why? Are
>> we afraid of something? I understand that worshiping the creation instead
>> of the creator is an issue. However, if Augustine were not to have passed
>> through Manichaeism and Platonism he would have hardly become the effective
>> Christian father he became. It was by God's Grace that he because a
>> Christian, and it was through the work of God's leading that passed him through these
>> periods. We must live in this world, therefore we most also engage it.
>> Should anyone really find rest in the temple of extremist scientism?
> @ Another fallacious statement, "the notion is always.." Which theory
> of evolution are you talking about, and whose money do you want to spend?

[snipped the pope's statement]
> Now, you may think that Christians ought to be willing to have their tax
> dollars confiscated and used to teach their children what they consider to be
> the atheistic / secular humanist version of the theory of evolution, but most
> aren't. Once again, the "funding" is where the problem comes in.

These brawls have been about teaching creation and/or ID as science.

> >> Christians seem willing to invest .... Yet somehow, when it comes to
>> environment and evolution, they shout "lies!" and "conspiracy!". If they are
>> soooooo cock sure that it will all take care of itself with noooooo problem,
>> why not let a little public investment find that out? What are they afraid
>> of?
> @ More fallacious statements. The fact is, they're not afraid of anything,
> they're just being realistic about human nature.. In one of your more
> unguarded moments, you admit how right they are to be skeptical:

I see, so investing in creation science is showing more skepticism and being
more realistic.

> "..Science is dazzling, and you can bamboozle all sorts of smart people with
> a few whizz bang proofs and a lot of nonsense equations. If you have some
> fancy gadget to show, that's even better. Pretty soon, people are like a
> bunch of dumb dogs staring at flashing lights and loud noises. .." ~ Wayne
> Sun, 19 Feb 2006 11:34:04 EST Re: Self-deception, faith, and
> scepticism
> "The problem is that greed, lust of the world with its the trappings of
> power and influence, and the ability to find all manner of specious pretext to
> exploit and abuse out brothers and sisters in Christ, all conspire to tempt
> even those who have some fear of the Lord to sin." ~ Wayne
> Wed, 8 Mar 2006 11:43:15 EST Re: The Left Hand of God or "is God a [s-word]"

Pushing a little high on the hyperbole I see but hard to see how this
actually fits
the context here.

And so ...... ?

> >> I appreciate that Pim is taking so much time out to investigate these
>> humdrum harangues from Janice. .." ~ by Grace we proceed, Wayne
> @ :)
> ~ Janice .... who couldn't resist offering one last fallacious humdrum
> harangue for this post : ) "..What offended me most about creationists was not
> so much what they believe (although I confess I find it strongly
> disagreeable), rather it was that they insisted that I must believe it too. .." ~ Wayne
> Sun, 19 Feb 2006 10:46:47 EST - Re: Believe it even if
> it isn't true theology

This post was describing part of my own experience before
and after I became a Christian. Throughout my Christian walk
there have been times when that has come up again.

by Grace we proceed,

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