Re: [asa] UN Downgrades Man's Impact On The Climate

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Date: Sun Dec 10 2006 - 19:28:48 EST

It is troubling when Christians always seem to get themselves
mired deeply on the opposing side of a scientific consensus,
and their shouts about "lies" and "conspiracy" amount to little
more than an incremental correction. Indeed, those very
incremental corrections required investment in the science to
discover. It also seems strange that the only alternative
suggested is no investment, and no precautionary measures of
any kind.

For example, SETI. Why stop it? If you are so confident they'll
never find anything, let them look. Let them come to a conclusion
based on the evidence. As an aside, this is probably an area where
serious ID research could even offer a valuable contribution:
identifying signals generated from an extraterrestrial
intelligent agent.

What about evolution? The notion is always, "stamp it out!". Why?
Are we afraid of something? I understand that worshiping the
creation instead of the creator is an issue. However, if
Augustine were not to have passed through Manichaeism and
Platonism he would have hardly become the effective Christian
father he became. It was by God's Grace that he because
a Christian, and it was through the work of God's leading that
passed him through these periods. We must live in this world,
therefore we most also engage it. Should anyone really find rest
in the temple of extremist scientism?

Christians seem willing to invest their on ID with
the hope that it will have some payoff. Christians seem willing
to invest their money on creation research in the hope of some
payoff. Yet somehow, when it comes to environment and evolution,
they shout "lies!" and "conspiracy!". If they are soooooo cock sure
that it will all take care of itself with noooooo problem, why not
let a little public investment find that out? What are they afraid of?

If you want to invest your money in a company, you find
out all you can before you start with as little cost to yourself
as possible. Studies are less costly and threatening than policy,
and it is important to do sufficient study so that the wisest policy
is applied.

I appreciate that Pim is taking so much time out to investigate
these humdrum harangues from Janice. Nevertheless, what may
be of value to discuss here is what role we should play as
scientist and people of faith in embracing this growing issue. Don't
forget too, that there are other looming issues such as energy. How
do we assess the priority from the standpoint of policy. Typically,
scientists see their particular domain at a much higher priority than
an economist might. How do we show a commitment to good

by Grace we proceed,

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