Re: [asa] UN Downgrades Man's Impact On The Climate

From: PvM <>
Date: Sun Dec 10 2006 - 16:02:38 EST

Accusations of lying show once again that Janice's understanding of
science is quite limited. The truth is not what Janice hopes it will
be but the still strong evidence in favor of human contributions to
global warming. What the UN has done is used new data and incorporated
it with its findings.

------Begin quote-----
In a final draft of its fourth assessment report, to be published in
February, the panel reports that the level of carbon dioxide in the
atmosphere has accelerated in the past five years. It also predicts
that temperatures will rise by up to 4.5 C during the next 100 years,
bringing more frequent heat waves and storms.
-----end quote------

Once again we see the cost of ignoring Augustine's warnings and its
detrimental impact on both science and faith.

Hope this clarifies what the UN did and did not do.

So far, the claim that the UN lied or lies remains not only
unsupported but contradicted by the evidence which I presented in the
various earlier postings.
None of these facts have been addressed let alone rebutted by our
friend Janice who seems to unfortunately rely on poor sources and
arguments to promote poor science.

On 12/10/06, Janice Matchett <> wrote:
> I waited a while to see if anyone else was going to post this. I guess
> not. :)
> First, a couple of comments:
> 20 "The fact that the UN would publish such a report is a sign that
> the counter evidence is too strong for them to lie about it. The truth is
> actually still far from what they allow themselves to admit."
> 21 "The reason for global warming (as well as global cooling) is the
> potential of multi-billion dollar grants from the US government to do
> nothing more than just wait for the sun cycle to come around. .."

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