Re: [asa] Lets move beyond straw men and uninformed opinion

From: David Campbell <>
Date: Sat Dec 09 2006 - 14:16:05 EST

> You would categorize all ID folks including Behe and Dembski in the
> same camp because you don't like Johnson or Wells.

If Behe or Dembski were to criticize the flagrantly erroneous
scientific claims, or more importantly the seriously flawed
theological claims, of Johnson or Wells they would gain much
credibility. However, when Dembski writes an essay in praise of
Johnson, or makes similarly blasphemous* theological claims in a
thoughtless attempt to promote ID, it takes credibility away from him.

(Claiming that ID is an essential part of religion; cf. Paul on
claiming that Jewish rituals were an essential part of religion).

Behe and Dembski, along with Johnson, Wells, etc. need to formulate a
clear position and stick with it (or identify themselves as changing
position). As is, the definition of ID varies to suit the audience.

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