Re: [asa] Paul Nelson and ID research (and a YEC sidenote) and Dover revisited

From: PvM <>
Date: Sat Dec 09 2006 - 13:58:39 EST

I certainly did not intend to imply that Glenn was tainted with ID. I
see Glenn as a shining light example for (ex)YECers who have found
faith and science.

On 12/9/06, <> wrote:
> Pim wrote:
> Nevertheless, exposure to
> ID may at least help some YECers follow in the footsteps of such
> 'giants' as Glenn Morton.
> I really wonder why you taint Glenn in with ID. He and
> Dick Fischer are what they seem to call here "concordists".
> Most people here disagree with each other in some way, but
> at any rate, he, like many of the people I've run into over
> the years here rejected YEC based on evidence. There was
> no diving under ID cover and sometimes only hard pavement
> to break the fall. It's a miracle that any of them survived.
> Anyway:
> I do notice from your quotes that Nelson is saying the
> right things. I'd just like to know what Discovery Institute
> is doing about meeting them.
> by Grace we proceed,
> Wayne

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