Re: [asa] Paul Nelson and ID research (and a YEC sidenote) and Dover revisited

From: <>
Date: Sat Dec 09 2006 - 09:04:36 EST

Pim wrote:

> Nevertheless, exposure to
> ID may at least help some YECers follow in the footsteps of such
> 'giants' as Glenn Morton.

I really wonder why you taint Glenn in with ID. He and
Dick Fischer are what they seem to call here "concordists".
Most people here disagree with each other in some way, but
at any rate, he, like many of the people I've run into over
the years here rejected YEC based on evidence. There was
no diving under ID cover and sometimes only hard pavement
to break the fall. It's a miracle that any of them survived.

I do notice from your quotes that Nelson is saying the
right things. I'd just like to know what Discovery Institute
is doing about meeting them.

by Grace we proceed,


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