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From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Fri Dec 08 2006 - 15:39:24 EST

I've met Marcus electronically. I've read his essay, "Who Believes What?
Clearing up Confusion over Intelligent Design and Young-Earth Creationism,"
J of Geoscience Ed 53 (2005): 319-23. I understand that the editor had to
defend publishing it -- not apparently b/c Ross is a YEC (it isn't clear
from the article that he is), but b/c Ross is known to be a fellow of TDI.
The president of the NAGT responded to critics by defending the relevance of
Ross' article to science education and by defending the intellectual freedom
of both Ross and the journal editorial process. I applauded, though not
while anyone was in earshot.

The irony in this incident does strike one clear in the face. Here we have
a YEC working with the IDs, something we've often talked about before; and
yet the objections to his article came about b/c of his affiliation with
TDI, not b/c of his YEC views (which were probably not known to most readers
of his article anyway). Thus, again, the larger irony of the whole ID
situation: they are treated as "creationists" when most of them aren't (at
least not the standard kind of "creationist"); one of their number who *is*
a "creationist" is treated like a "creationist" even though the operating
assumption *should* have been that most DI fellows aren't "creationists."
Yet he is, and that underscores the whole politcal problem that TDI and ID
could not overcome in the Kitzmiller trial. Just so much irony in Ross'
story, irony all the way down one might say.

One more irony about Marcus, who teaches at Liberty University. With Steve
Meyer, he prepared the DVD on "The Cambrian Explosion."
( I haven't
seen it, so I don't know what his role is in the presentation. But it does
strike me as ironic, that a YEC would accept (apparently) the premise of the
Cambrian explosion--doesn't it? Let alone the idea of referring to it (as
Meyer likes to do) as the "Big Bang of biology." Ouch. Big Bang? And not
a derogatory reference? My sense is, that (as James Mahaffy suggests)
Marcus is part of the "new" style creationism that I associated with people
like Paul Nelson and (another geologist) Kurt Wise.

Several ASAers must know Marcus Ross, since he has given talks in sessions
sponsored by the Affiliation of Christian Geologists at professional
meetings. I think this particular paper might have been one of them.


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