Re: [asa] Tas Walker's Biblical Geologicl Model

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Fri Dec 08 2006 - 15:14:27 EST

>>> "David Campbell" <> 12/08/06 2:29 PM >>>writes,
responding to Joel Duff's description of Walker's views on theodicy:

> 2) I notice that Walker notes that during the "Biotic" stage which
> corresponds to the 5th and 6th days that there could be "possible
> of terrestrial life and death" in the sedimentary rocks formed on those
> days. I'm assuming then, that he would except that some biotic death
> occurred and that he then believes that death as a result of Adam's sin
> resulted in the death of organism with breath. Is this the consensus of
> YEC community now or is Walker going moving beyond the older views?

I've encountered other young-earth sources suggesting that "advanced
mammals" are what did not die until after the fall. As "mammal" is
not a Biblical concept, and rodents, relatively close relatives of
primates, fall under the OT category of "creeping things" rather than
"beasts", I don't see that as a tenable interpretation of Genesis, but
it does suggest that some of the objections to "absolutely no death
before the Fall" have had an impact.

Ted adds:
David is apparently speaking here about the death of "nephesh" creatures,
ie those sentient animals spoken of in the Bible as being "creatures" who
have the breath of life within them. As in, when God breathed life into
Adam he "became a nephesh" or "living soul" or "living creature." Other
creatures (other than humans) are also said to be "nepheshes" in the Hebrew
Bible, and YECs are worried about them in relation to the consequences of
the fall.

This whole death before the fall thing, I know I keep saying, is really
crucial to understand the YE part of YEC. It isn't by itself more important
than something like Biblical literalism per se, but it is one of the biggest
reasons why the YECs require the YE.


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