Re: [asa] Tas Walker's Biblical Geologicl Model

From: David Campbell <>
Date: Fri Dec 08 2006 - 14:29:10 EST

> 2) I notice that Walker notes that during the "Biotic" stage which
> corresponds to the 5th and 6th days that there could be "possible evidence
> of terrestrial life and death" in the sedimentary rocks formed on those
> days. I'm assuming then, that he would except that some biotic death
> occurred and that he then believes that death as a result of Adam's sin
> resulted in the death of organism with breath. Is this the consensus of the
> YEC community now or is Walker going moving beyond the older views?

I've encountered other young-earth sources suggesting that "advanced
mammals" are what did not die until after the fall. As "mammal" is
not a Biblical concept, and rodents, relatively close relatives of
primates, fall under the OT category of "creeping things" rather than
"beasts", I don't see that as a tenable interpretation of Genesis, but
it does suggest that some of the objections to "absolutely no death
before the Fall" have had an impact.

> To me, I would think that this attempt to bring the entire geological column
> under a model that attempts to posit the formation of vast portions of the
> geological column in a matter of days, compared to the hundreds of days
> potentially during the flood to produce a fraction of the geological column,
> seems highly unlikely. In fact, I have asked some lay Christians about
> their views of geology and many will comment that flood geology seems to
> make sense but when I then ask if they think it is reasonable that extensive
> portions of the geological column formed on the third day of creation even
> that sounds like too much and they say that God just did it. Of course I've
> asked how, and the response always is that it was all supernatural. I
> think Walker is just providing a natural extension of where YEC though
> leads. To me it is just another case of showing how untenable the whole
> edifice is though.

A related problem is the inability of young earthers to identify what
parts of the geological record are before, during, or after the Flood.

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