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From: Duff,Robert Joel <rjduff@uakron.edu>
Date: Fri Dec 08 2006 - 13:36:02 EST

Tas Walker's Biblical Geologic Model


In reading about the transformation of Creation Science Foundation into
Creation Ministries International (there new site can be found at:
www.creationontheweb.com/ ) I happened onto one of their affiliated
sites which is Tas Walker's Biblical Geology web page
(www.biblicalgeology.net <http://www.biblicalgeology.net/> ). I had
forgotten about his particular model of all of earth's geological
history which he presented in the mid-90s. I don't know how widespread
his particular views are today, but one aspect of his view I don't think
gets enough critical attention. By attention I mean that, to me, Walker
is an example of creationist consistently applying the YEC hermeneutic
to all of history not just the Flood period.


If you look at the two PDF files at the bottom of the page (Charts of
Biblical Geologic Models)




These charts clearly portray even the 6 day creation as being periods in
which geological processes were active and produced features of today's
geological column. He appears to expect that the activities of each of
the days of creation will have left recognizable features in the
geological column. I was wondering if anyone had any further
information regarding the following observations from these figures:


1) Given Walker seems to expect that the separation of the earth
from the sea resulted in particular geological features does he also
expect that these processes could somehow be explained by ordinary means
like the Flood (of course God did it, but in the case of the Flood he
seems to have used primary secondary causes)? He does refer to the
events of the 3rd day as "a geological action".. "setting in train
processes which either formed or modified the geological structures of
the earth"


2) I notice that Walker notes that during the "Biotic" stage which
corresponds to the 5th and 6th days that there could be "possible
evidence of terrestrial life and death" in the sedimentary rocks formed
on those days. I'm assuming then, that he would except that some biotic
death occurred and that he then believes that death as a result of
Adam's sin resulted in the death of organism with breath. Is this the
consensus of the YEC community now or is Walker going moving beyond the
older views?


To me, I would think that this attempt to bring the entire geological
column under a model that attempts to posit the formation of vast
portions of the geological column in a matter of days, compared to the
hundreds of days potentially during the flood to produce a fraction of
the geological column, seems highly unlikely. In fact, I have asked
some lay Christians about their views of geology and many will comment
that flood geology seems to make sense but when I then ask if they think
it is reasonable that extensive portions of the geological column formed
on the third day of creation even that sounds like too much and they say
that God just did it. Of course I've asked how, and the response always
is that it was all supernatural. I think Walker is just providing a
natural extension of where YEC though leads. To me it is just another
case of showing how untenable the whole edifice is though.




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