Re: [asa] Predictive Power: Astronomy vs. Evolution

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Date: Wed Dec 06 2006 - 18:06:38 EST

So far nobody has mentioned what to me is the most impressive example of the "predictive power" of the theory of evolution.
Modern evolutionary theory predicts that the degree of "relatedness" in the genomes of creatures will correlate closely with the degree of relatedness previously derived by other means (fossils, etc.). As the genomes of more creatures are studied, this prediction has been overwhelmingly confirmed. The behavior of things like pseudogenes is similar confirmation that negates the "Maybe God just reused similar code for similar functions in doing his special creating" argument.
Darrell Falk's book "Coming to Peace with Science" has an accessible section describing this confirmation of evolution (even though he shies away from using the E-word itself).
Dr. Allan H. Harvey, Boulder, CO
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