[asa] Dog exhibits nurturing instinct (some call "altruism") in action

From: Janice Matchett <janmatch@earthlink.net>
Date: Tue Dec 05 2006 - 11:21:17 EST

If you have a decent high-speed internet connection, don't miss
seeing the heart-warming short video that WBIR-TV put up on its web
site of this old couple with their dog. This is an example of what
many scientists say is a biologically determined nurturing instinct
(some refer to it as "altruism") in action:

Dog tunnels through snow to save owners 12/4/2006

Watch VIDEO - Click here to watch this
video http://www.wbir.com/news/archive.aspx?storyid=40172

A seven year old German Shephard - Timberwolf mixed dog named Shana
is quite a canine hero in Alden as the story spreads of her efforts
to save her owners during the October surprise storm.

Eve and Norman Fertig, who are both 81 years old, were out treating
injured birds in the Wildlife Sanctuary on their Alden property on
the night of October 12th. They left as the storm intensified but,
were soon trapped by falling trees and heavy snow as they tried to
walk back to their home. Eve realized they could die in the bitter
cold but, fortunately, Shana was with them.

As the cold and snow chilled them both without heavy coats and
gloves, Shana started digging under the snow and trees.

The dog actually dug a foot wide tunnel about 20 feet to the home.

Shana barked but, the couple hesistated, so they say the dog came
back and tugged on Eve's jacket. She says the 160 pound dog actually
pulled her onto its broad back and crawled through the tunnel. Her
husband held on as well as they slowly crawled all the way back to
their home. They made it back to the back deck, opened their door and
fell in to the house exhausted but safe. [Slept on the floor by the
door all night with the dog] ~ Ron Plants, WGRZ-TV, Buffalo, New York


Here is a board certified forensic psychiatrist commenting on
Altruism [in humans]:

"A competent individual always remains a unique and lifelong cause of
his own experience, with innate capacities for awareness, choice and
initiative that serve him in his quest for self-fulfillment. This
pole of his human nature justifies a life lived in freedom, one that
reflects his exercise of personal sovereignty. Depending on his level
of maturity, however, he will also commit himself voluntarily to the
well-being of others and find that commitment rewarding in its own
right. When not lost in the torment and dysfunction of mental
disorder or discouraged by the oppressive hand of government,
charitable service to others feels inherently gratifying and even
fulfilling, not burden-some, to the mature adult. This altruistic
pole of human nature, a rational expression of a biologically
determined nurturing instinct, is one of the pillars of social order.
" ...... More: http://www.libertymind.com/index.php?page_id=257

~ <http://www.forensicpsychiatrist.com/index.html>LYLE H. ROSSITER,
PSYCHIATRIST http://www.forensicpsychiatrist.com/

~ Janice

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