Re: [asa] Lets move beyond straw men and uninformed opinion

From: David Campbell <>
Date: Mon Dec 04 2006 - 18:13:28 EST

To me, the biggest problem with scientific credibility for Behe and
Dembski is their failure to effectively dissociate themselves from the
Wells/Johnson/etc. conspiracy theory version of ID. However, I don't
find the irreducible complexity, specified complexity, etc. arguments
very sound, and as noted above some of Dembski's comments in other
contexts have problems (he has admitted this himself).

The Meyer article is both rather weak on merits and blatantly out of
place in J Biol Soc Wash. Although it is within the theoretical scope
of the journal (biology), in fact the journal is basically a taxonomic
outlet, with practically all the papers being along the lines of "Two
new species of the genus Ittybittium (Mollusca: Gastropoda)" or "A
review of the genus Io". My father, who doesn't follow the ID
controversy closely but who was looking for taxonomy articles, saw the
Meyer article and wondered what it was.

The arguments were standard ID claims that evolution can't explain
things, often misrepresentative of the cited sources that Meyer was
supposedly summarizing as a review article. In particular, articles
claiming that their results did not follow the conventional
evolutionary expectations were invoked as evidence against evolution.
However, in reality those articles were proposing alternative
evolutionary explanations that do not affect the overall big picture
of evolution.

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