Re: [asa] Lets move beyond straw men and uninformed opinion

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Fri Dec 01 2006 - 13:48:51 EST

I cannot agree with Pim's line here that Behe is not an excellent scientist
with the credentials to support that conclusion. This was admitted by both
sides at the Dover trial, is consistent with his status as full professor at
a major research university (Lehigh is in the upper rank of American
universities), and also consistent with the fact that his (obviously
fair-minded) colleagues at Lehigh promoted him to full professor *after* the
publication of "Darwin's Black Box." Let's give up this thread, Pim.

As for Bill Dembski, one of the brightest and most original minds I have
met, his publications with Cambridge University Press, Nous, and other top
journals are by themselves sufficient evidence of his academic ability. I
don't call him a scientist, but he is a mathematician with lots of formal
training in philosophy on top of that. If ID weren't so controversial--and
frankly this is partly b/c of the kinds of things that Dembski writes for
non-academic audiences, it does come back to bite him--he'd be at one of our
best universities now, IMO.

Please, Pim, let's "move beyond straw men" as this thread goes.


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