Re: [asa] Re: How to approach YECs was Empiricism, Faith and Science

From: Mountainwoman <>
Date: Sat Sep 30 2006 - 11:23:26 EDT

On September 30, Paul Seely wrote:

Point C. I think listing issues and then offering as you say familiar examples and as simple as possible answers to them would be good. I envision a sort of Encyclopedia of Creation Science Arguments. One of the problems we have is that the various answers to all of these bad arguments are spread all over. They need to be in one place with a good index or table of contents that lets people look at the arguments they have heard and see why those arguments are invalid.

An Encyclopedia of Creation Science Arguments has already been done (at least a secular version anyway) by Mark Isaak. It is on the internet as Index to Creationist Claims as part of the Talk.Origins Archive at, and in book form in The Counter-Creationism Handbook, Greenwood Press, 330 pages, 2005, which happens to be a Book Available for Review per PSCF, September 2006, p. 240.

Paul Bruggink

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