Re: [asa] Created Humans

From: Mountainwoman <>
Date: Sat Sep 30 2006 - 08:19:00 EDT

On Sept 27, George Murphy wrote (re Robert C. Schneider's PSCF article):
Schneider's view seems superficially to be much better than that of those whose simply deny evolution but in fact he does deny it in the way that is most important theologically. In his scenario "created humans" are cut off from the evolutionary process so, among other things, the Incarnation has no connection with the non-human part of the world. In fact, his distinction between "created" humans and "evolved" Homo sapiens really comes down to the naive "creation or evolution" dichotomy. We are "created" but all those other species are only "evolved."

Could someone more familiar with this topic than I am please elaborate on why this is a theological problem.

Paul Bruggink

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