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Date: Fri Sep 29 2006 - 22:51:45 EDT

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    Alas, poor Janice, ... the fact that her environmental claims (with a novelist as her main authority) .."

  @ I see that you don't mind embarrassing yourself in public. Informed, intellectually honest, critical thinkers know - (based upon my past posts here and elsewhere which are a matter of public record) - that I don't cite a mere "novelist" as my "main authority" for my environmental claims/views.
  Crichton's reputation is as a novelist & his views on the environment would carry no weight in the public arena if not for that. & of course I have never suggested that no scientist disagrees with what I correctly described as the scientific consensus that the world is faced with serious environmental problems, a major one of which is global warming.

  You are the one who should be embarassed at your foolish claim that a person who is wrong about one thing must be wrong about everything. My only reason for embarassment in this matter is being associated in a public medium with an ideological fanatic like yourself. I take that risk only because views like yours in this matter are so toxic that everything possible should be done to keep them from influencing the gullible.

  George Murphy

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