Re: [asa] Question from one of my students

From: Don Nield <>
Date: Fri Sep 29 2006 - 18:58:52 EDT

For anyone who is not wedded to a conflict model for the relationship
between science and scripture the answer has to be YES.
The next question is , what is sound science and what is sound scripture?

James Mahaffy wrote:

>My paleontology students were asked to read Ted Davis article on
>concordism and Bethany, one of my students had a question. I suggested
>she give it to me and I would post it to the ASA list. I will blind copy
>this to her and the class so their e-mails won't be out there in a
>public web archive. Paleo class you can see any responses by looking
>at the archives of the ASA list at url:
>Bethany has not read as much as some of you have but she is asking a
>serious question so I will post it and see if you have any response
>Ted Davis, in his article on historical views of the origins of the
>earth, especially in regards to Christian concordism, cites Francis
>Bacon writing about Scripture and Creation, and warning that people be
>careful to "not unwisely mingle or confound these learnings together."
>I wonder if anyone on the ASA list has an opinion on "wisely" mingling
>the teachings of Scripture and Creation. Is there a way to discuss
>God's Creation in a way that is scientifically sound and also
>Scripturally sound?


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