[asa] Question from one of my students

From: James Mahaffy <Mahaffy@dordt.edu>
Date: Fri Sep 29 2006 - 17:18:54 EDT


My paleontology students were asked to read Ted Davis article on
concordism and Bethany, one of my students had a question. I suggested
she give it to me and I would post it to the ASA list. I will blind copy
this to her and the class so their e-mails won't be out there in a
public web archive. Paleo class you can see any responses by looking
at the archives of the ASA list at url:

Bethany has not read as much as some of you have but she is asking a
serious question so I will post it and see if you have any response

Ted Davis, in his article on historical views of the origins of the
earth, especially in regards to Christian concordism, cites Francis
Bacon writing about Scripture and Creation, and warning that people be
careful to "not unwisely mingle or confound these learnings together."
I wonder if anyone on the ASA list has an opinion on "wisely" mingling
the teachings of Scripture and Creation. Is there a way to discuss
God's Creation in a way that is scientifically sound and also
Scripturally sound?

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