Re: [asa] Collins' book is reviewed by the Arizona Origins Science guys

From: David Campbell <>
Date: Fri Sep 29 2006 - 16:55:05 EDT

> Funny thing is that after reading it, I would not have a serious problem
> with adding my name to the list, even though I am certainly an adherent to
> big bang cosmology. It is really only asking for continuing investigation
> into alternatives.

The wording of the Discovery Institute statement on evolution is similarly
vague in its wording.

It's perhaps worth noting that the reviews of Collins' book in Nature relied
heavily on Dawkins as an authority and were not especially better than the
young-earth review at the start of this thread. Science just had a somewhat
better review, but it failed to note that Dawkins and others who claim
that science entails atheism are disproven by Collins. It also brought up a
particular issue that it claimed should have been discussed in the book in a
way that suggests a particular axe to grind on the part of the reviewer.
(Collins' predecessor in the position left over concerns about the ethics of
patenting genomic data versus free access; the reviewer evidently regards
that position as morally better than cooperation with commercial efforts,
which did take place.)

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