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A day or so ago you wrote "... numerology, of which Vernon's pattern is one case, has no sound foundation." You had said much the same kind of thing some time back. Perhaps my recent words to Gordon and Wayne will help you appreciate that nothing could be further from the truth. The foundations of the phenomena are, on one hand, the Inspired Word of God; and on the other, absolute principles that spring from the heart of mathematics. What more could one ask for?

However, if doubts still remain I shall be happy to elaborate further.


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  At 07:17 PM 9/24/2006, Paul Seely wrote:

    Iain wrote,
    <<I'll just content myself with a few points ... it's clear that you don't want to engage with the data, and in that matter you are just as closed minded as YEC's who won't engage with the data that there is an old earth.>>
    There is a significant difference, however, YECs are saying that the prehistoric findings of astronomy, anthropology, archaeology, biology, dendrochronology, genetics, geology, glaciology, oceanography, paleontology, and other sciences are all mistaken even though they all have objective data to back them up. I am only saying that numerology, of which Vernon's pattern is one case, has no sound foundation. I do not think these are comparable.

  @ Only YEC's are closed minded and unwilling to engage with certain data they don't like??? Tooooooo funny.

  Playing with Numbers [and patterns]:

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