Re: [asa] Empiricism, Faith and Science

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Date: Thu Sep 28 2006 - 07:46:24 EDT

Vernon wrote:

> Thus the significance of 2701 (the fair reading of Genesis 1:1 as it is
> represented in Hebrew _today_) - which has the interesting factorisation, 37 x
> 73 - is immeasurably enhanced by the observation that it is also a _triangular
> number_ - always has been, always will be, no matter where, or in what
> context, it appears. Enhanced even more when it is realised that each of its
> reflective factors is a 'star' number. And so on...

Fine that you find it interesting, but why the Hebrew today?
Almost every attribution of Gen 1:1 is to either Moses or some
early author (even with JEDP). Why would a very late P editing
be considered best? Is Moses' own hand less to be esteemed
than the editing marks of a second century priest?

Moreover, I'm not even sure this is Hebrew _today_ as you say.
I wouldn't expect that native speakers of Hebrew just naturally
know how to read these texts without additional education any
more than we native English speakers would know how to read
Chaucer in its original form without extensive education.

At any rate, I am quite relieved to know that you do not pin
your faith completely on the connection of your triangle
numbers with Gen 1:1. As deep as math is, I would not pin
my faith on it. Even mathematicans wonder what it is sometimes.
Better that you keep it in the message of the saints.

You may have the last word.

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