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From: George Murphy <>
Date: Wed Sep 27 2006 - 12:25:19 EDT

Alas, poor Janice, I knew her well enough to realize that she would probably miss the point of my my comment about her views. Of course there's some subjectivity in my use of the word "preposterous," though the fact that her environmental claims (with a novelist as her main authority) are in glaring contrast to what has become the scientific consensus on that matter gives it considerable justification. She might also have noted that my further statement ( which she didn't quote), that she has "has been known to say a few sensible things on other topics" is also subjective.

But of course the purpose of my post was simply to state the obvious, that the fact that a person is wrong about one thing doesn't mean that he/she is wrong about everything - whether that person be E.O. Wilson, Janice herself, or anyone else. And thus her typical smirkily sarcastic remark about what I said is without value.

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    ... Janice Matchett, whose views on the environment are preposterous..."

  @ A subjective statement by one whose preposterous views on that subject align with Edward O'Chicken Little Wilson's.

   ~ Janice :)

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