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From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Wed Sep 27 2006 - 09:47:08 EDT

>>> "Debbie Mann" <> 09/27/06 9:24 AM >>>writes:


Years ago, a literallist preacher who was not a YEC said that in Genesis 1:1
the word 'was' could as easily be translated 'became' - The earth became
without form and void.

Ted comments:
This was the standard way in which "gap theory" advocates interpreted this passage--but the reference should be to Genesis 1:2, not Genesis 1:1. It was how Edward Hitchcock, the leading American advocate of this view in the 1830s, read that passage. To which Moses Stuart, a Hebrew scholar who advocated the traditional short timescale, responded as follows: “The digging of rocks and the digging of Hebrew roots are not as yet precisely the same operation." We might tend to agree more with Stuart than with Hitchcock on this particular point, ironically, thought we undoubtedly tend to agree more with Hitchcock on the earth's great age.


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