[asa] Evolution of the Soul

From: Debbie Mann <deborahjmann@insightbb.com>
Date: Wed Sep 27 2006 - 09:44:16 EDT

The people in the Bible go through a social evolution. Society has continued
this evolution. I see strong parallels between the stages of society and the
stages of a child's development. Children go through stages of actions
without thought; quickly forgiven violence; general pleasantness; strict
adherence to rules without forgiveness; cruel lack of acceptance, frequently
occurring with violence; temporary maturity; general rebellion; relative
obedience; strict adherence to rules without question or tolerance; gradual
growth with a corresponding growth in tolerance.

All people don't go through all stages. I am not a sociologist - just an
observer (and previously a teacher). The village does raise the children -
even if the village is as removed as Hollywood. I don't know if this
sociological evolution is the evolution of the soul. Is it people learning
from history? Some stages seem to be a regression from previous stages. My
children were far more reliable at age 11 than at age 13 and society seems
to go through that type of regression as well.

Debbie Mann
AKA Joan Saunders, author of 'Doors of the Megdalines'

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