Re: [asa] Empiricism, Faith and Science

From: Janice Matchett <>
Date: Wed Sep 27 2006 - 08:48:51 EDT

At 07:17 PM 9/24/2006, Paul Seely wrote:
>Iain wrote,
><<I'll just content myself with a few points ... it's clear that you
>don't want to engage with the data, and in that matter you are just
>as closed minded as YEC's who won't engage with the data that there
>is an old earth.>>
>There is a significant difference, however, YECs are saying that the
>prehistoric findings of astronomy, anthropology, archaeology,
>biology, dendrochronology, genetics, geology, glaciology,
>oceanography, paleontology, and other sciences are all mistaken even
>though they all have objective data to back them up. I am only
>saying that numerology, of which Vernon's pattern is one case, has
>no sound foundation. I do not think these are comparable.

@ Only YEC's are closed minded and unwilling to engage with certain
data they don't like??? Tooooooo funny.

Playing with Numbers [and patterns]:

~ Janice

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