Re: [asa] Empiricism, Faith and Science

From: <>
Date: Tue Sep 26 2006 - 10:43:36 EDT

Vernon wrote:

> It's not that I don't want to, Paul; it's just not possible! You see,
> numerical geometry as a pictorial tool is confined to a relatively small subset
> of the natural numbers - and 1899 is not found among these.

Maybe not numerical geometry, but how about prime numbers,
or some other pattern. So little is understood about natural
numbers, maybe 1899 has something else to offer.

It does seem just a little too convenient to claim that the
current version is the inspired text and the oldest version
therefore was not. I would think the work penned (at least in part
by Moses) would be the most likely inspired. Was not Moses
one of the greatest old testament prophets?

I greatly appreciate number theory in its own right, and I can rejoice
with you on the interesting patterns you have found in a humble
number 2701: but honestly Vernon, I would not rely on it for my faith.
To that, I have to look for what makes God real to me and I cannot see
God in the form of numbers per se. When I reflect on a time that I was
lost, I would not have crossed into Jesus' hands with the numbers you
propose, as I did not with other improbable examples people at that time
cited. You see, turning to God is not about facts and never was. There
is something there that no numbers can ever prove.

by Grace we proceed,

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