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One must understand how science is done to realize that there is a
drastic difference between the theories we develop and the real thing,
which the theory supposedly describes and allows us to make predictions.
Recall that a theory of Nature is very much like a map of a city. The
map is certainly useful but it is not the city itself. Science does not
deal with ontological questions but the description based on data
collected by purely physical devices. God is not an integral part of a
physical theory. However, He did create and sustain the whole of
creation, viz., scientists, Nature, and all.




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        I was raising a scientific question, is the soul explainable by
purely physical concepts? I suppose your comments imply there is no
scientific answer since you invoke religion. Or, is your answer a
mixture of both science and religion?



Are you saying religion and science are mutually exclusive? That is an
error. God is "what is" without exception. To say that God is not
manifest in physical law is a form of dualism, because you limit God and
postulate a spiritual order and a physical order outside of God's


My answer reveals the science IN the religion. It does not "mix"



Rich Faussette


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