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From: Don Perrett <>
Date: Sun Sep 24 2006 - 23:23:32 EDT

If one is worried about dot coms, please remember that while dot com is more
common, there are several others to consider, "net, us, co, etc". The
reason that

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I concur with Jim that "we" should acquire the domain name.
There are domain name purveyors out there who will sell the rights to this
name for less than $10 per year. In fact I have three domain names on my
personal server, and each costs seven bucks annually to reserve. The reason
that the goes to any page at all is that someone else owns it and
is going to make a profit in its resale. Try one of the others, and you'll
get nothing. And this is under the assumption that they will sell it to
begin with (poor english). Anyway, the info at the end of my statements is
what you'll find concerning the owner of Since the owners
registration ends on 10/07/2007, if one were to decide to buy it from them,
it would be best done prior to this date. Please note however that they
have had this domain for four years, it is quite possible that they are not
in the resale business and will not part with it. Sorry for all this info
Terry, I know that you of all people are already aware of these things. If
figured I would enlighten some of the others.

Don Perrett

This whois service shows the information for .COM and .NET domains
only if they are registered thru For ORG, .BIZ, .US .INFO
.NAME domains, the information is displayed regardless of the sponsoring
registrar for said domains.

The fact that your query returns "NOT FOUND" does not necessarily mean that
the domain may be available for registration. To search all domains, please
go to the shared registry whois located at:

   Salvia Corporation (ASA3-COM-DOM)
   P.O. Box 96
   Riga, LV LV 1050

   Domain Name: ASA3.COM
   Status: PROTECTED

   Administrative Contact:
      Salvia Corporation
      P.O. Box 96
      Riga, LV LV 1050

   Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
      Salvia Corporation
      P.O. Box 96
      Riga, LV LV 1050

   Record last updated on 20-Sep-2006.
   Record expires on 07-Oct-2007.
   Record created on 07-Oct-2003.

   Domain servers in listed order:

   Name Server:
   Name Server:
   Name Server:


> I wondered if anyone had stumbled like me onto what happens if one
> inadvertantly enters the asa3 url as a dot com instead of a dot org.
> It goes to a default no-such-domain site which displays topics and
> links to many of the subjects talked about at ASA.
> However, take a look at some of the links suggested for topics like
> Evolution and Creation Vs Evolution.
> Some interestingly contrary perspectives.
> I wonder if it would not be a desirable thing to pick up the dot com
> domain for ASA3 just to counter this "stuff".
> JimA
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