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The numero-geometric patterns that currently inhabit Genesis 1:1 were not there when these words were first recorded. It required the introduction of the Hebrew scheme of alphabetic numeration some centuries later (circa 200 BC) to lay the foundation for a corresponding number structure - the addition of the 'aleph tau' along the way completing the process. It seems clear that these phenomena were appointed to be 'hatched' in our day; it therefore follows that the _current text_ is the one to which we must refer - and this is amply borne out by the intense richness of the resulting numerical tapestry.


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  As Don said,
  I realize it's foolish to step in, but let me repeat anyway what I said three years ago or so on this, and see if it makes a difference this time:

  I also said some years ago that the aleph tau (the 4th word) just before "the heavens and the earth" is a late addition to the text, and not a word as such but only a marker of the accusative. It is not part of the original. Even if you regard the later additions to the text as inspired, it is more like a colon, a mark of punctuation, than a regular word. If you had not built upon it, your numerology would at least have a solid basis for coming from the inspired original, but including it as you do tells me that your numerology is doubtful.


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