Re: [asa] Collins' book is reviewed by the Arizona Origins Science guys

From: <>
Date: Thu Sep 21 2006 - 21:31:55 EDT

In the body of the attached "smear", the author writes:

> Dr. Collins characterizing young earth creationists as extremists by
> using the label ultraliteralists does him no credit and should give him
> pause to rethink his interpretation of Scripture, for one day we all will
> have to stand before the Lord and account for our treatment of His word.

I see any point about hell has become a bankrupt expression.
It has been used so often by people who distort the truth
to something that is difficult to call anything else but lies,
that it means nothing anymore.

How can anyone distort so much and in the same commentary
make pronouncements about hell on others? Even most thieves
and murders have enough sense to know when it's time to be silent!

by Grace we proceed,

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