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Date: Thu Sep 21 2006 - 16:03:44 EDT

Today I stumbled on yet another YEC website --

The sincere bur misguided person who runs it declines to identify
himself, but the arguments are familiar to those of us "bad guys" who
have seen them before ftrom ICR and AIG.

Here is an exerpt from their site:

Since this site is very different from most creation websites you
will visit. I thought I'd better put up a page to explain why. You
see, so many sites cater to creation information. So I figured, to
put up a site that was like the rest would really not do much good.
But as I debated in forums, I saw a need that was not being met. A
need to learn how to debate evolutionists. And to expose and show
their tactics, so the debating Creationist can have a debating chance
to make their point.

This site will have creation information, evidence, etc... But it is
more geared towards equiping those who want to debate, with the
information to debate, Information you see posted on this site, is
about 4 years of debating Atheists, Evolutionist, OEC (old earth
creationist). Theistic evolutionist (God plus evolution), agnostics,
etc.... I had my hard knocks and learned a lot from them. I post what
I learned on this site so that those who want to tackle this. Don't
go out there not knowing what to expect. You can click on the debate
link to get an idea of what I am speaking of.

I do not use my name on this site because I believe evidence should
stand on it's own. The evolutionist like to use a tactic of lies to
discredit, or smear the name of the person who presents the evidence
they disagree with, and this pretty much makes anything that person
says not viable, or trustworthy. And it does not matter if what is
being said about the person is a lie. Some people will believe it,
and that's all it takes. This will also keep this ministry from
turning into some type of internet gossip for all those who do not
like YEC.

Why YEC?

First some definitions before I continue.

1) YEC: Young earth creation. We believe God created everything in 6
days, and rested on the 7th day. We believe the flood was global, not
local. And that God did everything just how his word states.

2) OEC: Old earth creation. They believe most of the word. But
believe that the days mentioned in God's word are not days, but a
period of time. This is also a stepping stone to the next level of

3) Theistic evolutionist: It's where the person believes God used
evolution to create. They also believe everything the OEC believer
does about the earth being old. In this belief, science has become
the supreme dictator of what truth is. And they will use science
often, to correct the word of God, because God is no longer true
where science disagrees.

4) YECH: A person who hates Young earth creationist (young earth
creation haters). They are evolutionists fundies (fundamentalists)
who devote all their spare time into searching the web for websites
like this. Also forums where the subject is being discussed. They
will put up websites devoted just to YEC believers, explaining how
they lie, when their own claims about origins cannot be proven. And
just about every evolutionist site is now joining in on this.

YEC is the narrow path God's word spoke of. How?

 Questions to compare with. Young earth creation Old earth
creation Theistic evolution
 Does belief allow correction from an outside source? No Yes Yes
 Does belief allow God to dictate truth? Yes No No
 Does belief have a problem with the way the word is written? No
Yes Yes
 Does belief allow, or imply that God can lie? No Sometimes Yes
 Does belief condone the use of deception to make their point? No
Sometimes Yes
 Does belief use scripture to back up evidence? Always Sometimes
Only when it supports their belief.
 Does the belief believe the word of God is true? Yes Sometimes
Only when it supports their belief.
 Do they twist meaning, from what is written, to support their view?
No Yes Yes
 Do they allow out come to point to the Creator, always? Yes No No
 Does belief believe in predestination? Sometimes Yes Yes
 Does belief believe in once saved always saved? Sometimes Yes Yes
 Does belief have a problem with the literal word of God? No Yes
 Does belief condone calling those who disagree, liars? No Yes Yes
 Is education, of the individual, always a key issue? No Yes Yes
 Does belief allow the power of God to create be denied? No Yes
 Does belief have a problem with the literal word of God? No Yes

The narrow path is a direction that always points towards God. And
has no problem with the word of God, or His action, or His
commandnents. And the narrow path is always the hardest to follow,
and will always be attack by those who refuse to follow it. And YEC
is always being attack by the other two sources who say they are in
the body of Christ. For they do not do this to one another, and
there's a reason for that. For they are mostly in agreement because
science is what dictates most of their truth and reality. Not the
word of God. And because YEC allows the word to dictate truth to
them, this will always be a thorn in their side.

Burgy (checked my side. No thorn there)

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