Re: [asa] Collins' book is reviewed by the Arizona Origins Science guys

From: David Bowman <>
Date: Thu Sep 21 2006 - 16:04:25 EDT

Regarding Brent's request:

>Speaking of crackpots in the field of physics/astronomy/cosmology,
>anybody ever heard of these folks:
> ?

Yeah, That outfit is run by one David L. Bergman. His status as a
crackpot is quite certifiable. He is on a crusade to return physics
back to the 19th century because he doesn't think modern physics (in
terms of quantum physics and relativity) is sensible enough to suit
him. He does have some imaginative models for atomic structure (that,
of course, violate a number of known laws of physics). The last time,
I believe, his stuff was discussed on this mailing list venue was in
NOV98. See the archived posts below for more details.

I (& Allan Harvey) participated in a discussion with Bergman in APR
& MAY of '96 on Steven Schimmrich's old SCI-CHR mailing list. But I
don't know if there are any archives of that defunct list still
stashed anywhere on the internet.

David Bowman

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