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From: Gregory Arago <>
Date: Thu Sep 21 2006 - 06:31:09 EDT

  With all due respect, it appears you don't want to give credit sometimes, do you?? I was just responding directly to Ted's words, and you accuse me of being 'on the outside.' Let me assure you that there are people involved in s and r discourse that don't fit your preconceptions.
  "Science-and-religion is a highly interdisciplinary field, with the larger questions really coming out of humanities perspectives (whether or not they are raised by scientists themselves, as they often are). It should be no surprise that people with graduate training in the humanities (whether or not they also have training in the sciences at any level, though it certainly helps to have it) are often leading the way." - Ted Davis

Michael Roberts <> wrote:
  I don't think you understood what Ted and I are saying.
  Leaders in the s and r discourse usually have a strong scientific background combined with a good theological grasp and HPS thrown in.
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  Hello Michael,
  Do you also agree with Ted's comment to the effect that people in the humanities are leading the way in science and religion discourse?
  Just this evening I spoke with a pentecostal Brit who cautioned that humanism is growing in the U.K.. When I inquired about what this meant, it resulted in a claim of anthropocentrism, putting 'self' at the centre of existence. Humanism, of course, takes many forms, as the example of 'humanitarian aid' would suggest - not all are necessarily negative or anti-Christian.
  Though I accept a geologist's use of evolutionary theory in their particular field, I don't take a natural scientific viewpoint towards the evolution of humanity or human-made things as carrying much weight. In this sense, I wonder if giving human-social scientists credit for contributing to science-philosophy-religion dialogue in a constructive way could actually help communication-wise?
  G. Arago

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