Re: [asa] Collins' book is reviewed by the Arizona Origins Science guys

From: Paul Greaves <>
Date: Wed Sep 20 2006 - 20:31:24 EDT

I think this is it (google is a wonderful thing):

Funny thing is that after reading it, I would not have a serious problem
with adding my name to the list, even though I am certainly an adherent to
big bang cosmology. It is really only asking for continuing investigation
into alternatives. I wonder how many on the list might feel similarly? In
any case, it appears that many behind the composition of this statement
might feel more comfortable with some sort of steady-state theory, and that
probably motivated them to create it. For example, the following quote is
from the statement: "Yet the big bang is not the only framework available
for understanding the history of the universe. Plasma cosmology and the
steady-state model both hypothesize an evolving universe without beginning
or end." Hardly compatible with YEC!! I bet most of them would be
horrified to know their statement was being used to support any form of

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> Does anyone know where to find the "open letter" referred to in this
> sentence of the review which Bob posted?

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