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Date: Wed Sep 20 2006 - 17:00:17 EDT

On Tue, 19 Sep 2006, Paul wrote:

> As Don said,
> I realize it's foolish to step in, but let me repeat anyway what I said three years ago or so on this, and see if it makes a difference this time:
> I also said some years ago that the aleph tau (the 4th word) just before "the heavens and the earth" is a late addition to the text, and not a word as such but only a marker of the accusative. It is not part of the original. Even if you regard the later additions to the text as inspired, it is more like a colon, a mark of punctuation, than a regular word. If you had not built upon it, your numerology would at least have a solid basis for coming from the inspired original, but including it as you do tells me that your numerology is doubtful.
> Paul


I assume from what you say that the object marker is a late development in
the Hebrew language, or is there some other evidence that it was
originally missing from Genesis 1:1?

You seem to raise the question of what is considered to be the inspired
text, i.e. was the editing inspired? For example, someone collected the
psalms at a later date and gave titles to many of them and inserted a
comment in Psalm 72:20. I think the consensus among evangelical scholars
is that the titles are inspired.

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